Brian Brooker

Brian Brooker is a nationally-recognized creative leader in the advertising industry. He has worked as writer, chief creative officer and CEO and has helped build some tremendous brands. Responsible for shaping the Southwest Airlines campaign, “You are now free to move about the country” as well as Sonic Drive-In’s long-running “Two guys” campaign, Brian has played a pivotal role in driving client success. He’s won virtually every major ad award including Communication Arts, One Show, Andys, D&AD, New York Art Directors, Cannes, Mercury and Effies. Believing that a great idea can come from anywhere, Brian started a Creative Symposium in Kansas City that attracted a roster of prominent creative thinkers inside and outside the industry – including an author, artist, movie editor, game inventor and renowned musician. Brian has served as a speaker at AAAA events, served on their board, written articles for Ad Age and judged national shows. After 10 attempts, he qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2010. For fun, he writes and tweets one poem each day. He’s also a big Bob Dylan fan.